Binary options Trading Robots


Binary Options are a scourge – at least its a slow motion scourge which I was thinking to trade and test my system on but for the time being, my idea has grown bigger than just trading options, originally I had seen a few friends use binary robots to trade with and were complaining of losses and citing every blog or article about how great it was to me, instead of lambasting them and ridiculing, I just sat and listened to their forex trading escapades with their latest¬†binary options robot, some of the stories were just hilarious whilst some other trading robots seems to be masters at creating financial chaos and loosing money hand over fist for some people,¬†sometimes these friends seemed downright intent on making money with their binary option robot but the unifying thing for all of them was….. they were not traders and had no idea how they would be trading manually let alone had a clue on what settings to use for their trading robot or how to optimise their trading so that they were on the right side of high probability trades. In other words, these binary options robots were going to be called a scam and of course they would say my project would fail as well, this was the seed of an idea I wanted to prove to them that it was possible to make a really good trading system rather than praying for the ultimate automated trading robot, infact it sometimes sounded like a weird experiment whereby the contest was “how you can burn money up in the fastest way possible” but even with my best tries to persuade them to look towards educating themselves before buying a binary option robot, they just decided that monetary pyrotechnics was going to get gambling kicks and really needed their daily dose of binary options trading before they would even listen to my logical breakdown of what they were trying to achieve (without the education).