Binary options Trading Robots


Binary Options are a scourge – at least its a slow motion scourge which I was thinking to trade and test my system on but for the time being, my idea has grown bigger than just trading options, originally I had seen a few friends use binary robots to trade with and were complaining of losses and citing every blog or article about how great it was to me, instead of lambasting them and ridiculing, I just sat and listened to their forex trading escapades with their latest binary options robot, some of the stories were just hilarious whilst some other trading robots seems to be masters at creating financial chaos and loosing money hand over fist for some people, sometimes these friends seemed downright intent on making money with their binary option robot but the unifying thing for all of them was….. they were not traders and had no idea how they would be trading manually let alone had a clue on what settings to use for their trading robot or how to optimise their trading so that they were on the right side of high probability trades. In other words, these binary options robots were going to be called a scam and of course they would say my project would fail as well, this was the seed of an idea I wanted to prove to them that it was possible to make a really good trading system rather than praying for the ultimate automated trading robot, infact it sometimes sounded like a weird experiment whereby the contest was “how you can burn money up in the fastest way possible” but even with my best tries to persuade them to look towards educating themselves before buying a binary option robot, they just decided that monetary pyrotechnics was going to get gambling kicks and really needed their daily dose of binary options trading before they would even listen to my logical breakdown of what they were trying to achieve (without the education).

My Programming Journey – Binary Options Robots


Welcome to my attempt at programming a bot – yes the title is Binary Options Robots and it might seem a tad off because most of the time bots are actually productivity tools which are designed to HELP the end user do otherwise laborious tasks, in my case I am actually an aspiring programmer who would like to document every challenge and triumph during my attempt at creating a binary options robot.

There I’ve said it 🙂 However those who think this is just a gimmick, bear with me since I am trying my hand at some serious programming (Python – ok its not so serious but we all need to start from somewhere right?) and then it occured to me, I wanted to create something which would be able to ‘work’ in the background and I would be able to continuously work on it without impeding my other programming projects, since I’m an avid trader and liked to trade the markets it just made sense to make a robot which is able to collect vast amounts of data and analyse all of this data to make a decision… in my case, I’d like it to make a trade based on inputs I give it and I also intend to bring this project from fuzzy napkin theories to full on trading within a live environment, it wont be an easy road but I intend to document my journey to help improve my skills but also showcase the evolution of this project for any other warward journey men and woman who are goign to walk this same path in the future, I just want to let everyone know that even though this is revolving around my first binary options robot, its actually a full on factual account of everything that goes right and wrong with my robot!

So without further ado, this is my first post about binary options robot (I havent thought up a name yet but that will be applied later… I’ve already decided that if the bot works really well, it shall be called Eleanor…. reasons will be given later as to why 🙂

Anyway – I hope your a programmer and ready to read up on my fantastic programming adventure into making my first binary options robot! I will be connecting this with my work in predictive analytics and building neural networks as part of the evolution of this blog.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I have a background in analytics and big data, using neural networks to model trading systems and applying said systems in live trading systems. The reason I looked into binary options is because alot of my peers and friends tried to peddle this trash to me and I had to really convince myself to write this blog as a fun way to poke fun at the industry but also to show some people that its not just about applying RSI (Relative strength index) and MACD indicators and just hoping for the best.

Ok my thoughts are bleeding out into different areas, so I think i should put a stop to this and get ready for my next blog post! Onwards and upwards! 🙂

Oh and another thing, the author name was supposed to be Mr Robot but I am too scared of being sued by the producers/owners of the show so as your writer and host of this blog

🙂 I welcome you to my programming adventure, whether we end up with a binary options robot is entirely down to my own effort and I hope I have support from everyone who read this! 🙂